English Rose Escort
...take time for you

If you’d like a chance to get to know each other before we meet for a more intimate encounter, we can meet for coffee or a meal. I also offer companionship for business functions and other events. I’m educated, friendly and a good listener, able to hold my own in conversation on current affairs or culture. I dress smartly and conservatively. Discretion is, of course, assured.

In general, the only dos and don’ts are that everything is with protection, I don’t do facials, I don’t offer rimming and I don’t receive anally. For the exhibitionists among you, there is potential for me to arrange an audience to watch us at play. If a particular activity is important to you, it is always advisable to check this out in advance.

A full body massage gives the opportunity for you to lie back and enjoy some all-over tlc, with no responsibility to act or initiate. Just concentrate on receiving pleasure as I stroke every part of you, with languorous, long-drawn out attention to any especially sensitive places.

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The perfect role play partner

If you want to escape from routine and monotony, your best resource is the practice of BDSM. Through the expertise and creativity of your skilled escorts, you will be able to satisfy your deepest desires turning into reality diverse erotic fantasies. Let these audacious ladies show you how to practice the sexual role play and increase the levels of pleasure during each intimate encounter to the maximum.

Experience pleasure from a different perspective

One of the most commonly used practices of BDSM is the feminization. In this routine your dazzling escort Paris takes the role of a dominatrix, forcing you to follow her commands without complains.

She is aware of the respect and dedication you deserve as the one who has decided to surrender. Therefore, she takes her time to study you and know your taste and desires very well.

Knowing the fragile nature of human spirit and mind, proficient escorts will never violate your loyalty. They know that your submission to their command is strengthened as trust is increased. They are confident on their authority; therefore they do not need absurd poses to prove it.

They are not in favor of rituals that trivialize and mechanize acts full of meaning and feeling. For instance, these stunning ladies understand kneeling as a spontaneous display of genuine submission.

The self confidence of striking escorts allows them to laugh at themselves, but it does not prevent them from having the humility to accept assistance and learn from their submissive. They have as a main tools the mind, body and soul. However, they also rely on the whip, chains, jaws and masks.

They are aware that real obedience emerges from authentic feelings of submission and your desire to please your dominatrix. They know that submission born of fear of punishment is, at best, weak and fleeting. Above all, they know that without you this routine becomes meaningless, since every power they have comes from you.

A firm dominatrix with splendid skills

As the ideal dominatrix, your beautiful escort Paris knows that her self control is fundamental to control you as her submissive. She has a firm will to make you follow every one of her commands. She accepts your veneration while she responds you with tenderness. She knows that her position is not intended to make you suffer because you express your feelings towards her.

She is aware of the difference between reality and fantasy. Therefore, when the session ends she will not hesitate on forget roles to be that lovely good friend she has always been for you.

Your delicious escort Paris knows that, in order to stimulate exciting sensations on you, she must court your mind with intelligence and creativity. She should gain your soul with passion and warmth and your body with firmness and determination.

She knows that the difference of roles does not imply inferiority. This highly attractive lady masters the art of being a subtle sadist who uses pain to expand the boundaries of pleasure but without causing harm.

Highly attractive escorts will become that guide that will make you fly providing you the courage to throw yourself into the void and the determination to stay in flight. They will dare you to pursue higher peaks.